Resources for Teens


Students Against Destructive Decisions

Empowering Teens Through Peer-to-Peer Education

For 35 years, SADD has been the leading organization committed to saving lives by empowering teens to stand strong against destructive decisions.



Quit Alcohol

Guidance and Support for the Struggling Addict is an initiative with the Alcohol Abuse Counsel and a trained group of volunteers. Alcoholism is a widely spread disease and we feel that it is our public duty to educate folks around the world about the problem. Join us today and let’s take a stand. Let’s help Alcoholics recover once and for all.


Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol – Statistics

Everyone knows that driving drunk or under the influence of drugs is a dangerous and inconsiderate action that endangers not only the driver but the safety and lives of others as well. And yet, a staggering number of accidents and fatalities still happen every year due to impaired driving.