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Charity Girls of Northeast Massachusetts Distributes $15,000 to Community Organizations

Local women’s philanthropy group has distributed over $100,000 in its seven years to twenty-eight different non-profit charitable organizations North of Boston.

NORTHEAST, Mass., December, 2016 – The Charity Girls of Northeast Massachusetts, an innovative philanthropic group of women from the greater North Shore and Merrimack Valley, met recently to distribute the collective $15,000 raised during the past year. A representative of each of the five deserving North of Boston charitable organizations received a check at a celebratory dinner on December 1st in Georgetown.

“Charity Girls of Northeast, Massachusetts is extremely pleased to be able to distribute grants that will enhance the programs of several organizations North of Boston. Participating in this group provides a tangible opportunity to positively impact our communities,” said Jude Martino, Founder, Charity Girls of Northeast Massachusetts.

2016 Non-profit organization recipients: 

  1. 1st Derek Hines Soldiers Assistance Fund, Newburyport

The 1st Lieutenant Derek Hines Soldiers Assistance fund provides financial assistance for Massachusetts’s soldiers, and their families, who have incurred serious, career ending, and life altering injuries while on active duty. Members of the Board serve on a volunteer basis, receiving no salary, compensation, or expenses. All funds raised are given directly to those in need.

  1. Mission of Deeds, Reading

Mission of Deeds is a non-profit group of full-time volunteers dedicated to helping the homeless and needy families of Middlesex and Essex Counties since 1993. The Mission of Deeds purchases beds with cash donations and distributes them, along with donated furniture and other household items in good condition, to needy families and individuals living in Middlesex and Essex counties of Massachusetts.

  1. Children’s Law Center of Massachusetts, Lynn

The mission of the Children’s Law Center of Massachusetts is to promote and secure equal justice and to maximize opportunity for low-income children and youth by providing quality advocacy and legal services. CLCM is a Legal Aid Firm serving Merrimack Valley and Essex County and is the only agency that is focused on children in the state – others focus on adults or whole families.

  1. It’s My Party, Topsfield website in development

It’s My Party organizes and provides birthday parties, holiday parties and other special events for homeless and displaced children ages 0-12. It’s My Party plans, organizes and hosts parties throughout the year and purchases gifts, decorations, and whatever items are necessary to offer a day to remember for the children living at the Elizabeth Seton House in Lynn, MA whose parents and/or guardians cannot care for them due to drug addiction, incarceration, absenteeism, or other barriers.

  1. Learn to Cope, Taunton (Salem, Gloucester)

Learn to Cope is a non-profit support network that offers education, resources, peer support and hope for parents and family members coping with a loved one addicted to opiates or other drugs. Founded by Joanne Peterson in 2004, the organization has grown to include over 7000 members and 22 chapters throughout the state of Massachusetts and has become a nationally recognized model for peer support and prevention programming. Learn to Cope became the first parent network in the country to provide the overdose-reversal medication naloxone to family members at Learn to Cope meetings. 

The Charity Girls of Northeast Massachusetts is an innovative philanthropic group of two dozen women from the greater North Shore and Merrimack Valley. Started by Jude Martino as a creative way to support nonprofit organizations in her community, and imitating a similar group in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Charity Girls is modeled after a traditional giving circle that allows members to collectively raise money, decide on the use of those funds, and make donations to charities of their choice.

In return for a year-long commitment and a monthly donation, each member enjoys a tax-deductible dinner with friends and the ability to be a philanthropist in her community. Members team up to host one dinner per year in their homes, and invite a local charity to present to the group. Annually, the Charity Girls vote to grant a portion of their combined funds to causes of their choice.

The Essex County Community Foundation (ECCF) collects the pooled donations and manages the fund affording the group the benefits of non-profit status without the administrative tasks involved. The Charity Girls NEMA Fund was established at ECCF in October 2009, and the first dinner was held in November of that year.

By the end of 2016, its seventh year, Charity Girls has raised and distributed a total of $106,500 to twenty-eight different non-profit charitable organizations.

Charity Girls (Northeast Massachusetts) Members 2016

Amesbury, Tatiana Burgos Espinal; Boxford, Pauline Allyn, AJ Aubrey, Trish Callahan, Jeanne Chapman, Diana Dusel, Gina Dussi, Sue Fowler, Nancy Tagerman, Susan Thibodeau; Georgetown, Evie Marquis; Hampton, NH; Marie Zappala-Stewart; Newbury, Jude Martino, Francee Quinlan; Newburyport, Carolyn Davis, Marlys Edwards, Ellen Jameson, Gretchen Maguire, Martha Muldoon, Jane Tuohy; North Andover, Jane Bennett, Joyce Crum, Judy Gross; North Reading, Susan Ivester; Peabody, Joy Toro; Westford, Sue Todd