Job: Regional Manager Part Time/Central Mass region

Title Regional Manager Part Time/Central Mass region
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Learn To Cope


JOB TITLE:  Regional Manager part time/Central Mass region


  • Demonstrate ability to organize, coordinate and collaborate with group members
  • Experience in community organizing, group facilitation, and team building
  • Strong communications skills
  • Have excellent computer skills including proficiencies in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
  • Demonstrate ability to work with diverse populations.
  • Be available for evenings, be willing to travel and be comfortable with a flexible schedule
  • Be a positive and capable advocate for the group members, the community and Learn to Cope.
  • Demonstrate an ability to work closely and effectively with key stakeholders such as the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Bureau of Substance Abuse Services.
  • Have reliable transportation and be willing to travel between chapters.


Expertise in the provision of prevention, treatment and recovery of substance use disorders.  Associates degree in social services, health education, or health promotion or 5 years experience in related field or as community organizer required.


  • Assist with establishing new chapters region of responsibility, including but not limited to: establishing appropriate locations for meetings, coordinating all aspects of new chapter, and networking within the local community prior to start up.
  • Assist with media outreach and marketing for establishing the community group: including proofing all advertisements for print, coordinating targeted marketing to ensure targeted meeting attendance, and be comfortable conducting media interviews when the senior regional manager is not available.
  • Attend groups to monitor peer facilitators and provide regular reports to the senior regional manager on the status of the community groups, including any issues or group requirements.
  • Identify and/or approve new facilitators on the recommendation of peer facilitators.
  • Maintain a culturally competent, safe and supportive environment for the group.
  • Assist in the training of all new facilitators and Narcan enrollment personnel, including coordination of trainings. Ensure the completion of all related paperwork.
  • Approve all peer facilitator schedules and maintain region wide contact lists.
  • Maintain and collaborate with senior regional manager regarding the regional event schedule.
  • Maintain record of program library, seek out new resources for members.
  • Maintain all program supplies including parent packets, drug tests, and Narcan related items for region.
  • Assist in phone, web, and email support for membership.
  • Participate and coordinate community events; represent the organization in the absence of the senior regional manager or the executive director.
  • Assist with record keeping and reporting, including agency financial reports, major event summaries, and the annual report.
  • In coordination with the senior regional manager, identify appropriate corporate sponsors and assist with fundraising by working with member fundraising committee.
  • Establish and maintain an appropriate parent advisory board, be an effective liaison between these members and senior regional manager.
  • Work with Board of Directors as required.
  • Assist with reporting and evaluation as needed, including member surveys and feedback as well as analysis,
  • Assist with Nasal Naloxone training and distribution
  • Other duties as assigned.
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