Helpful Links

Support Groups – Narcotics Anonymous – Alcoholics Anonymous – Ultimate Guide to The Big Book (AA) – Smart Recovery – Nar-anon (support for families) Support and information on managing stress


Learn More About Addiction – Addiction Guide is your reliable source on addiction and the dangers of illicit substances. – The Sober World is an award winning informative national magazine that’s designed to help parents and families who have loved ones struggling with addiction. It is an informative and educational resource. Together we can help turn the tide and reduce the stigma attached to addiction.


Advocacy and Ways to Get Involved

APRO Advocates to Reform Prescription Opiates
Oxy Watch Dog
MOAR (Mass Organization of Addiction Recovery) and

Download the MOAR Resources for Recovery Mini-Guide Here

Programs for those needing treatment, sober living, meetings, counseling and drop in support

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Association), Substance use treatment Facility Locator, a place to do a search by city or state to find treatment for men, women and adolescents. This includes Halfway houses, Sober Houses and medication assisted treatment.

Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse Hotline, 800-327-5050 tty-888-448-8321 .

For those coming back to society after incarceration:


Youth Central Intake (CICC) – Youth Central Intake Care Coordination (CICC) staff facilitates access to the range of publicly funded services offered by the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services (BSAS) for Massachusetts youth with substance use issues, 617-661-3991 x116

Office of Youth and Young Adult Services – Designs, implements, and oversees the programs, policies and initiatives that are created by the Bureau to address substance abuse issues among youth and young adults. The purpose of this office is to build and maintain system capacity across the continuum of care. The directive of the office is to provide effective, accessible, and affordable substance abuse treatment for youth and their families.

MYR, “Motivating Youth Recovery” Adolescent treatment, Worcester 508-860-1244

The Castle (Clean and Sober Teens Living Empowered) Brockton, adolescent treatment referral line 508-436-2001

Meetings for support for those seeking and maintaining recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous,

Narcotics Anonymous,

Overdose Prevention


Brockton Mayor’s Opioid Overdose Prevention Coalition

High Point Treatment Center
10 Meadowbrook Road
Brockton, MA 02301
Phone: (508) 742-4405

South Boston Hope and Recovery Coalition

Medication Assisted Treatment

Habit OPCO, Outpatient Methadone Treatment, 508-586-6300

Buprenorphine/Suboxone Doctors,


Support for family members dealing with addiction

Alanon, 508-366-0556

Allies In Recovery,

Brockton Mayor’s Opioid Overdose Prevention Coalition, (508) 742-4405

Families Anonymous,

The Sober World Magazine,, a monthly publication with articles pertaining to families coping with drug and alcohol addiction of loved ones.



BAMSI’s Cope Center –, Cope is a public health program focused on education risk reduction and prevention of HIV Aids and Opiate Overdose, Narcan training and availability

CAB Outreach Lynn, 781-592-4477


Grief Recover After a Substance Passing

Hope Floats

Healing Hearts Circle


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