Narcan is an Opiate antagonist which comes in nasal spray form and reverses and overdose along with rescue breathing and a call to 911.

Sadly families who have a loved one addicted to prescription Opiates (perc 30’s, Oxy, Vicodin, Mehthadone, Fentanyl, Suboxone, or Heroin etc) really need to have Narcan in their home. So, in other words it’s a tragedy we need to have something like this in our home, but at the same time we are so grateful that we have access to it.

In just the last TWO WEEKS two sets of parents from one of our chapters saved a son and saved a daughter. Both of which are ALIVE and in treatment now! That is a gift that no amount of money could ever buy. Narcan is free and federally funded, it saves lives!

Learn to Cope has hit a major milestone this year. The Department of Public Heath’s Bureau of Substance Abuse Services has named us one of the Pilots who can provide this life saving antidote at every LTC meeting.

Recently we had 14 parents attend the training to be certified to pass out Narcan and do the family trainings at our chapters. Just this past Monday at our South Shore chapter we gave out 20 kits, and in that session got TWO report backs that families saved their sons and daughters lives! Last week in Lowell those parents trained 40 people, Gloucester trained and passed Narcan and this week in Salem parents will be passing Narcan.

Narcan will be at every LTC chapter if a parent needs it. We are so grateful to those outreach workers from BAMSI’S Cope Center and CAB Outreach, Impact Quincy and others that have been doing these trainings for our groups every 6 weeks. They will continue to do that but the really good news is on the nights they are not there families can get the life saving antidote right then and there. 

Talk about HOPE! I am proud of all the parents who have stepped up and are now saving lives and all those who attend our meetings, faciliatate our meetings, support eachother on our private discussion board with EMPATHY, NON JUDGEMENT, COMASSION, CARE and knowledge and resource information in REAL TIME. We can save our kids lives and motivate them to treatment, and at the same time we can recover as a family.

Wishing all families a peaceful holiday season. There is HOPE!