Good morning

I know MANY LTC members have had sons or daughters go to New hope TSS in Weymouth run through Bay Cove Human Services.

I truly believe that with out New Hope there are many people who would not be alive and well today including my son.

If you have had a family member go to New Hope whether they did well or not, it was “there” which could have been the difference between life or death.

New Hope is strict, and it HAS to be…..there is no other way when dealing with the madness of addiction, espeially Opiate addiction.

Please consider sending off a donation to New Hope. This year several employee’s are running in the Boston Marathon under officail charity numbers including President, Bill Sprague.  Jim Laprade Senior Vice President for Operations is running for “Addiction Services” which od course includes new Hope.

All donations are tax deductable and all donations sent to New Hope will be used specifically for New Hope clients.

Please make check payable to “Bay Cove Human Services, Inc”In the memo line note “charity run for New Hope”

You can send your donation to:

Director Peter Collins

C/O New Hope-TSS

61 Redfield Rd

South Weymouth, Massachusetts