The holidays, I write about them often. The holidays are always a time that can be extremely difficult for those who have lost a loved one to the Opiate epidemic, to those who have a family member “out there”, to those who have someone away in treatment and to those who are grateful for their loved ones recovery. One day at a time is easily said, it’s something that has to be practiced and it’s hard some days. There are days we have to live “one minute at a time” and those are usually holidays when family comes together and have someone missing.

We are the parents, or as prevention organizations out there that are being paid by the drug company that created OxyContin and an epidemic “Parents…..the anti drug”. Well if we are the anti drug, what does that make the makers of OxyContin and the other Pharm company that created the very much popular “Perc 30”.  Oh and let’s not forget we have Zohydro next in line that we fear may get approved by the FDA. It’s said to be 10 times stronger than Vicodin. Do we need this? Have we not learned from past mistakes with what happened with Oxy Contin?

That makes three Pharmaceutical companies, two that are making BILLIONS and the next about to make billions.

So, why do the parents need to be the only ones to be the “anti drug” Why can’t the leaders in this country stand up to the Pharmaceuticals and join forces to also become the “anti drug”. Why isn’t society angry? If you could only see just how many young people are losing their lives or destroying their lives out here today. According to the CDC Prescription drug use and abuse is up 400%! Why is this allowed to happen? Who else should be protecting this countries youth? Who cares for the families that their anti drug messages didn’t help?

If anyone believes that parents being viligant and educating their kids about the dangers of drugs, eating dinner with them, helping with homework, attending school events and parent teacher meetings, enrolling them in sports and attending their games is a guarantee that their kids will always make the right decision when they are approached to try the poison the big Pharma floods our society with they are very naive.

There are also millions who were prescribed these opiates for injuries that became a statistic. What about the ones we hear about today that go to a doctor or NP and walk out with Vicodin? Not even really knowing what it is and becoming addicted to it? We have been hearing about young people with STREP THROAT walking out of their primary care with VICODIN for the pain! What happened to an antibiotic and throat spray?

How many people know what an Opiate is and what drugs are an Opiate?

Almost every story you hear at meetings or read on addiction blogs and facebook pages across the country is how they were athletes, good students, wonderful sons and daughters with loving families. Yet the picture you get and the message you get from the organizations taking blood money is to blame those families. As if they could have prevented it all. This is exactly what the Pharmaceuticals want people to believe as they make BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars. As their executives purchase their mansions and summer homes.

As they sponsor conferences at Disney World in Orlando Florida to send their message that all our medicine cabinets were full of Opiates and we addicted our kids, or didn’t educate them. That our kids all have behavioral issues. As if all parents in living this hell watching their kids die in front of their eyes are to blame. Are there not ever any situations where a kid takes a risk? Not because they are bad, or their parents didn’t take good care of them, or that they have mental illness. Sometimes it’s that risk taking experimenting moment that many kids may have. It would be false and dishonest to say that no one has ever made a decision when they were a kid to do something risky no matter what their parents taught them.

Parents in todays world that have young children need more than commercials that cost millions and paid for by the very company that caused this epidemic, they need our leaders to put a stop to the greed and do something about it! They need our leaders in this country to help them protect their children. It can begin with a standard that our own FDA could implement. Someone needs to slow down the Pharmaceutical companies from pumping out more Opiate drugs than we need. What about not approving so many Opiate drugs? Do we not have enough?  What about being sure these new Opiates no matter what company makes them are made tamper proof? That is not the cure all by the way, people can still find a way to abuse BUT we have seen a decrease in OxyContin use since the formulation was changed it made a dent.

Is that good news? Yes and no, because as soon as that happened another Pharmaceutical unleashed the PERC 30’s. By the way, Perc 30’s are not Percocet, they are 30 milligram Oxycodone with out the tylenol mix, Rapid release meaning NO time release.

Does anyone see the strategy here? No one knows where the name “perc 30” came from, it’s a street name. One thing I can say about that name is for some reason people think “Oh it’s JUST Percs”. Percocet does not come in 30 milligram doses, they only go up to 10 milligrams.

Do we have a pain epidemic? Many say so. Although I had never heard of a pain epidemic until this Opiate epidemic.

Do Cancer patients need Opiate medicine? OF COURSE THEY DO. Have they always had it? YES, morphine in a controlled manner…..not now. Since the late 90’s when OxyContin was unleashed we now have a pain epidemic and people are fooled in to thinking no one should feel an ounce of pain.

Chronic pain sufferers should have medicine too but now we can’t seem to seperate the honest from the dishonest thanks to greed. This has gone beyond just having medicine for pain sufferers, this has caused more pain than anyone could ever imagine………………….