For everyones privacy only our “handle” names from our private discussion board are used at the end of each testimonial….a lot of hope here……………

In the drama and insanity of the drugs our loved ones bring into our lives, LTC can help guide us back to the peace and sanity the family deserves and the drama ends.



Through the wonderful supportive members of LTC, I have been able to allow some sense of sanity back into our lives. I have learned the depth of addiction, the sometimes almost always predictable outcome of situations, and most importantly that I am not alone. Without this reassurance, I’m not sure that I would have had the strength to follow through with the much needed discipline in taking back control of my own life, and realizing that the first step in being able to help my son was to first help myself.

There’s an unspoken bond and respect I have for the members of this group that I can only hope to be able to reciprocate the sense of peace they have provided me and my family


When I first discovered that my son was addicted to Opiates and to the point where we had to go to court and Section him, I was so naive and had no idea what I was dealing with or where to turn for help. Thank God, the social worker at Hingham Court gave me information on “Learn to Cope”. LTC has educated me, given me support and advice, and pretty much been my salvation for approximately 6 years now. My son has most cetainly had his ups and downs over the past several years, and we have had to Section him 4 times! However, he has been clean for 2 1/2 years now and I thank God and LTC everyday for helping me get through it all. Even during the periods of time when he has been clean and doing well I find myself gravitating back to the LTC website – it’s like family to me, my “comfort zone” and not a day goes by that I don’t remember “the pit in my stomach”, and pray I never have to deal with that feeling again. Thank you much Joanne for spearheading this wonderful organization, and all of the members of LTC for your ongoing support.


OK – can I say that I echo your sentiments? I have passed LTC on to so many people! It is appalling how many people NEED LTC. But anyways, LTC has helped us in more ways than I can count and when you are as naive as I was by being blindsided by drug addition (” never MY daughter! OMG!”), I cannot imagine what my life would be like now without LTC. My daughter continues to be a walking miracle – addicted, arrested, sectioned, near death – but now has a job and responsibility and is clean for nearly 18 months. I must admit that when I read, initially, of successes, that I never thought it could be my daughter but – truly – I think we had a small part in her hitting bottom and therefore a part of who she is today – a contributing member of society that is employed full time (with benefits!) and is considering graduate school! I know that the shoe can drop at any time – and life is NOT perfect – but I also know that I have LTC. ANd that very fact is soooo comforting. AND – I have my beautiful daughter back from the brink of death. Something at the time I thought utterly impossible. Today is a good day – and I owe it to LTC.


I was sick with worry about my son when I discovered LTC. He had just relapsed and we didn’t know what to do. With the guidance of the forum and the Lowell meeting – we stopped enabling our son and helped him reach his “bottom” faster. My son is going to be 5 months clean, is in a halfway house and just got a sponsor. He is changing before our eyes from an obnoxious, self-centered, manipulative child, to a caring man. LTC guided us through every step and showed us that helping him didn’t help.We were desperate when we walked though those doors to a meeting and left with hope and are now so hopeful for our son. You will find what you need at LTC.



I knew there was a problem, I knew my son needed help but I had no idea what to do. I used guilt, I used threats, I screamed and yelled. I would lie awake at night worried and scared, trying to fix everything and stay one step ahead of him so he couldn’t/wouldn’t use drugs. My life became all about him and what he would need, and how could I FIX HIM. My daughter sat in the background, I had no life beyond fixing him.I walked into a room and signed on to a forum and changed my life. I now eat dinner with my daughter and focus on her. I watch a show and enjoy myself. I worry about my son day or night and I post on this forum and a family of loving people give me advise. Weekly I go into a room of fabulous people and gain back all of the energy that was drained from me back, I walk out hopeful that next week will be a better week.

Thank you LTC for helping me to regain my sanity and serenity.


Learning of our child’s addiction is one of those moments in life that you remember the date and where you were when you learned. I remember thinking “why her, why me”. After walking into a Brockton meeting room filled with parents and loved ones of addicts, I realized “why not me, why not her”. So many were suffering on their own trying to “fix” this problem for their loved one. Today I know that is nearly impossible without the help of others who have traveled this road. I have found tremendous support at LTC and have experienced hope in the accounts of the speakers in recovery who often graciously share their stories at the meetings. Through LTC, I learned what I needed to do and I learned of options for treatment, some effective and some not. Today, I have my life back and my loved one has 16 months sober and is building her life the way she should be. I have also learned that addiction is a lifetime disease and I am so grateful that LTC is there. I could not have made it to this point without it.


Dealing with my daughter,s addiction has been the most difficult thing I have ever had to go thru in life. When I found LTC, I couldn,t believe of all the support that I had access to at any time of day or night and that I was thousands of miles away. It really has been a life saving moment in my life. My daughter is not in recovery as we speak but I am a functioning loving parent. I have learned so many tools from this group. For me it was sharing our good and bad times and thru that sharing I became stronger and stronger. I don,t mean to sound like I know it all so to speak , but I have became very knowledgeable about having an addict child. I learn new things everyday from this group, they are all such caring compassionate people and my dream is to be able to attend a meeting someday. I cannot imagine where I would be today without LTC, it would not be good. Sometimes it is still hard to believe that I have this group for support seeing as I am in a different country. I love you all. Thanks again and again Joanne for having the courage and strength to do this.
Abbegail from Canada
Learn to Cope saved my son’s life…….Today he will tell you the same thing………I was educated and supported as I learned how to stop enabling my son. I learned how to say I will support your recovery but I will no longer enable your addiction…..This was not easy to do but with the knowledge and support I got form the members of Learn to Cope I did what I needed to do…..The people here taught me there is always hope….Today my son has over two years clean, today he is happy and healthy….This is a bumpy road non of us chose but here we are. You have found a place where you can learn and where you will not feel alone anymore. Joanne to you I will forever be grateful for Learn to Cope I have my son today because of you. Grateful you had the courage and strength to give us all a voice.
I am very grateful to have discovered Learn To Cope.Learn To Cope has been a source of strength,knowledge about drug addiction and comfort & healing from the sharing of group members experiences, for me.It has helped me to draw away my attention from taking care of my son in his struggle with addiction to taking care of myself and my response to his addiction. The forum and the meetings have been very helpful when times were difficult: several months ago my son was actively using,he overdosed 3 times,was in and out of detoxes,I then,was introduced to The Forum and LTC meetings,where I learned tools to help me deal with the roller coaster ride of his addiction,which affected my son and helped him to “own” his disease.and helped him take steps in recovery. Yesterday,my son turned 28 years old.and he spent his first night in a halfway house,after a 10 year journey,he has a sponsor. .He is working on his recovery. I am learning to cope. Thank you,Joanne and Learning to Cope.


I first heard about Learn2Cope from the family members of the residents who resided at Skip Murphy’s Sober Living. I was invited to come share my experience, strength & hope at Learn2Cope’s Brockton meeting. It was a new experience for me to come to one location and be able to share wearing three different hats. I had the chance to share as a recovered alcoholic / drug addict. I was able to share as a drug & alcohol counselor. And I was able to share as a sober house operator. Families & loved ones had the opportunity to hear my experience, ask for advice with certain questions & even get educated on different modalities of treatment or appropriate levels of care in the continuity of substance abuse treatment. When I talk to families who call me for help, many times, I will refer them to a Learn2Cope meeting, so they may get a wide spectrum of support from other family members who are currently going or have gone, through the same type of issues. Remember, alcoholism & addiction is a family disease. The entire family, (not just the person afflicted) should receive help, guidance & support from all of those who are in a position to help. –Joe Riley (Skip Murphy’s)


hey, my name is Donald I’m a recovered alcoholic and viscious heroin addict. i havent had a drink or a drug since july 5th of 2009 and this is due in no small part to LTC. my mother started to attend these meetings and getting wise to my lies. i am forever grateful to Learn to Cope and am always eager to help them in any way that I can. Because of these meetings my mother was able to see the truth in the self destructive path i was on. they gave her the knowledge to see me for what i was, and the strength to stop enabling me and to get me treatment. LTC gave a mother hope for a son who had lost all hope for himself years ago. my road to recovery has been wonderful and at times difficult but i wouldnt trade it for the world. i honestly believe if these meetings werent made available to my mother i wouldnt be alive today. thank you and i love you all.
Learn to Cope gave me advice in time of need when my son overdosed and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The hospital was going to release him in less than four hours. When I called the crisis number Joanne gave me the advice I needed to get an advocate to help me; go to the court and request an emergency section 35, and have the hospital keep my son there until the police came over to take him to court. LTC saved my son’s life!      “N”