The holidays can be an especially hard time for families who love someone with an addiction. Some have people out in the world missing and using, others are in treatment, incarcerated or worse no longer with us.

I wish all families could be fortunate enough to see their loved one seek and work on recovery. There is hope, people do find it but it’s a long hard road.

To all those families who have lost a loved one this year, including mine. I wish you peace and comfort this holiday season.

To those who have found recovery, stay strong. The world is at your feet and you can continue to live a good long healthy life DON’T GIVE UP!

To those struggling, you are loved and there are many good people and programs to help you. You have to seek it and you will find it. Recovery is possible. Go to a meeting, seek a sponsor and from there things can get better…………………

Peace to all